Ken James Knifehand

We teach respect everyday

Teaching children and seeing them develop and improve is very much part of our aims.  The children that we teach are not only tomorrows champions but are Tae Kwon-Do's future.  We are all experienced in this field of tutorship. Children will enjoy and thrive in classes and in everyday life.  All our instructors are CRB (criminal record bureau) checked as children need to train in a safe environment..

T.A.G.B Tigers has been designed with the younger child in mind. Classes are usually held late afternoon as opposed to in the evenings. Classes are structured with lots of activities in order to keep the children concentrating and motivated.

There are many benefits of training to include teaching the children their left from their right, good balance, co-ordination, team skills and social skills and to have a positive mental attitude.

Tigers are still able to progress to a higher grade in the same manner as an older child or adult taking part in evening classes although will not be expected to do so at the same rate. The general age range for T.A.G.B Tigers is 3-11yrs.